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Imagine a stroll through the quaint streets of an exotic city, brimming with the scent of fresh coffee, piquant spices, and spring flowers in bloom. Now imagine a rejuvenating spa retreat in the heart of Asia. Craving for these serene experiences? Get them delivered to your doorstep!

Scentscription brings you a range of luxury boxes that are packed with handcrafted organic products made with ingredients sourced from destinations around the world. Each box is created with great care and thought to bring you the perfect balance that will tantalize your senses, nourish your body, rejuvenate your soul, and calm your mind.

We offer 3 bi-monthly options to suit every budget. Read on to learn more!

Our Apprentice box lets you discover all the amazing products we offer. Filled to the brim, each box comes with at least 4 full size products and much more!
Price: $40 (automatically charged every 2 months)

Our Artisan box offers even more self care goodies to keep you feeling your best at all times. With at least 5 full size products included in every box!
Price: $55 (automatically charged every 2 months)

The Virtuoso box is the ultimate in luxury indulgence! Packed with products you'll enjoy daily, the Virtuoso also includes a candle from our Luxury Collection.
Price: $70 (automatically charged every 2 months)